Buy Bulk Bird Seed – 4 Points to consider

In order to buy bulk bird seed, you need to take a few things into consideration. These are:

  1. Cost per pound – Since this is the primary reason for buying bird seek in bulk, you need to look at the price as a very important factor.
  2. The quality of the bird seed. When you buy bulk bird seed, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a lower quality, contrary to what many people think. With the right amount of searching, you can find top quality bulk bird seed.
  3. Shipping costs – You can add this factor to your cost per pound. Musn’t forget those extra costs! The shipping costs alone can make your choose a slightly more expensive bird seed which has zero or lower shipping costs. You might be able to negotiate this with the buyer depending on the amount you buy and the regularity with which you buy it.

If you’re buying locally, you will find that you can get very low prices in feedstores as compared to places like Walmart, or even bulk purchase stores like Costco. In feedstores, you can also get different types of bird seed not available elsewhere. In case you intend to feed exotic birds, this is definitely a big plus.

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