Bird Seed Suppliers

Finding a good place to buy bulk bird seed can be quite difficult. You have to decide whether you want to buy it online or snoop around locally for good bird seed suppliers.

Apart from the earlier points mentioned the linked article above, keep in mind that birdseed must be fresh for it to be truly nutritious. As the seeds get older, they lose their nutritional value. You can test this by trying to sprout them. The percentage of seeds that don’t sprout is the percentage of old outdated seeds in your purchase. In addition, old seeds can generate toxins that will harm the birds.

This is a huge problem with buying from bird seed suppliers who are quite understandably eager to be rid of old stock. If you buy online there is a danger of getting old stock with little chance of redress. Well reputed brands are the best bet here.

If you don’t know what seeds to buy, you can’t go wrong with Black sunflower seeds as they have a high meat/shell ratio as well as having thinner shells than the striped variety. However, they are more expensive. Wild bird seeds are a mixture of seeds that are suitable for several birds in the wild.

Bird seed suppliers have such a wide range of feed that it’s quite staggering to look at them all. As you get to understand your birds better, you will know what food they like and can thus improve your purchasing habits.

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