Bulk Bird Seed

Feeding birds requires a bit of understanding and patience (just like feeding any animal does). The first thing you will realize when you decide to start feeding birds, is that they love seeds. Sunflower seed is most common and even within that there are several variants like the black sunflower seed and the striped variant.

For sporadic feeders, regular bird seed in nice little packets are enough. But for those of us who feed birds regularly and spend time maintaining multiple bird feeders, what we need is bulk bird seed. If you find yourself using up 200+ pounds of bird seed every month, you’ll understand that it’s not cheap to feed birds (though they’re so small!). Buying in bulk can definitely reduce your costs.

Along with bulk bird seed, bird lovers need to pay attend to a few other issues relating to bird seed storage and shipping. In fact, finding a dealer who supplies you with cheap shipping is a big factor in sourcing your bird seed. Another facet is VAT (if it applies to you).  If the bag of bulk bird seed isn’t broken down into smaller packets, then it may not be necessary to pat the additional tax.

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